MOU : Port de Belledune – Village de/of Eel River Dundee

The Village of Eel River Dundee and the Belledune Port Authority are proud to announce the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding which will allow the two entities to develop the Restigouche Industrial Park located in the Village of Eel River Dundee.

The parties recognize the strategic positioning of the Restigouche Industrial Park for light industrial projects and will work together to attract new businesses to be located in this park. According to Mayor Mario Pelletier: ̈ We have always put the emphasis on the retention of companies already located in the Industrial Park, and we are proud that the Belledune Port Authority has chosen to make our facilities known to its wide audience of promoters of industrial projects wishing to settle in northern New Brunswick. Our proximity to rail and airport services are important assets of our location. We are also adjacent to Eel River Bar First Nation a very dynamic and entrepreneurial First Nation Community”.

For his part, the President and CEO of the Port of Belledune Denis Caron; “ We are always on the lookout for strategic partnerships in northern New Brunswick that will help promote the Port of Belledune and offer us the opportunity to expand our portfolio of available land to project promoters. ” .

This agreement will allow the two institutions to work in close collaboration to market the facilities of the Restigouche Industrial Park, including tax incentives available to private developers wishing to settle in Restigouche.

In the coming months, a joint marketing & branding campaign will be launched to attract new investments and include the installation of new signage allowing visitors to the Industrial Park to visualize the strategic partnership with the Port of Belledune. In addition, the parties agree to share their technical information pertaining to existing facilities with potential developers with a focus on advancing regional projects, either at the Port of Belledune or in the Restigouche Industrial Park.

This memorandum of understanding is the result of several months of work and comes full circle in a project that began before the pandemic.


Village of Eel River Dundee,

Mayor Mario Pelletier

Port of Belledune

Denis Caron, CEO