Happy Mothers’ Day

Council and employees of the Village of Eel River Dundee wish to take a moment to recognize our mothers in our village when celebrating Mother’s Day.

Today is the perfect opportunity to express all the love you have for her and wish her a lot of happiness for this Mother’s Day.

Our mother is not only responsible for raising us and teaching us how to survive in the world; They also bring us a lot of love and affection, essential for the proper development of a human being.

Despite the fact that sometimes we forget how important they are, or rather we forget to thank them for everything they have done for us, we can always remind them of it on any day or on a special date; we hope that this day of May 8, 2022, will be memorable with each and every one of you.

We take this opportunity to wish a very happy Mothers’ Day to all the moms.


Mayor, council, employees and our great community!