Eel River

“Eel River Crossing, given its geographical location and its river, which flows into the Baie des Chaleurs, played an important part in the development of the region. In the beginning, there were no roads or railroads, and since the river was the only means of transportation, settlers were attracted to its shores. This is the main reason why Eel River Crossing was one of the first areas to see development in the entire region.”


“The first population of Dundee arrived at the beginning of 1826 by boats at the Port of Dalhousie, or perhaps from Campbellton too, we will never know because all the records were destroyed by the flames in 1910. So, Dundee was started by Scots, Irish and English.

The Irish settled down in Dundee and named it Shannonvale. The Scots themselves settled at Dundee; there was also an Upper Dundee at the top of Dundee. They came to begin clearing the land to settle there and to have a beautiful parish where it would be good to live there. At first, all these people spoke only English. The English made friends with the newcomers even if the religion was different from theirs. The goal was to have good neighbors to help each other. “Dundee ” a Scottish name, comes from their hometown. ”

St-Jean-Marie-Vianney Parish, Dundee 1909 – 2009

– Carole Thériault d’Amours

  • 1826

    Dundee colonized (as Shannonvale)

  • 1875

    Eel River Crossing: Founded


  • 1966

    Eel River Crossing: Incorporated

  • 2018

    Eel River Dundee


Photos courtesy of Facebook group “Once upon a time in Eel River Crossing“.