Message from the Mayor

Message from the Mayor Denis Savoie regarding his departure at the end of July. We are proud of him and wish him our best regards in his new adventure! Good luck! Here is a message from him:



Life sometimes has surprises in store for us. I looked forward with great enthusiasm to the May 11 elections. I had my advertising materials printed and my support team was in place. Then COVID-19 arrived and changed the plans of many people. In addition, on May 14, I received a call that also changed my plans. I was given an offer that was hard to refuse, yet it
was difficult to accept. We thought about it for a long time as a family, and finally I accepted the challenge of becoming the Executive Director of a 290-employee office in Moncton. Good decisions are not necessarily easy to make. It’s a heartbreaking choice, I leave my community, but I will be closer to my grandchildren, my children and my siblings. I am proud of my record as mayor. If I have been in municipal politics for 19 years, it is thanks to the support of my wife Rachelle. The contribution of Kim and the employees of the municipality greatly facilitated my work. I have always been proud of the work of the fire brigade and chiefs Bujold and Aubé. Following my departure scheduled for the end of July I will leave you in good hands with Councillors Pelletier, Hachey, Savoie and your Deputy Mayor Mario Pelletier. Thank you for your support over the past 19 years.