Message from the Mayor

Message from the Mayor Denis Savoie regarding his departure at the end of July. We are proud of him and wish him our best regards in his new adventure! Good luck! Here is a message from him:



Life sometimes has surprises in store for us. I looked forward with great enthusiasm to the May 11 elections. I had my advertising materials printed and my support team was in place. Then COVID-19 arrived and changed the plans of many people. In addition, on May 14, I received a call that also changed my plans. I was given an offer that was hard to refuse, yet it
was difficult to accept. We thought about it for a long time as a family, and finally I accepted the challenge of becoming the Executive Director of a 290-employee office in Moncton. Good decisions are not necessarily easy to make. It’s a heartbreaking choice, I leave my community, but I will be closer to my grandchildren, my children and my siblings. I am proud of my record as mayor. If I have been in municipal politics for 19 years, it is thanks to the support of my wife Rachelle. The contribution of Kim and the employees of the municipality greatly facilitated my work. I have always been proud of the work of the fire brigade and chiefs Bujold and Aubé. Following my departure scheduled for the end of July I will leave you in good hands with Councillors Pelletier, Hachey, Savoie and your Deputy Mayor Mario Pelletier. Thank you for your support over the past 19 years.

Recycling is DELAYED

Due to the step back of the COVID-19 Recovery plan, we must delay the start of RECYCLING that was due to start on June 15th.


Recycling is restarting the week of June 15th.

It will be done the same way as before. One week will be the recycling, the next week will by the waste collection.


We are now open to the public!

The opening hours remain the same, Monday to Friday between 8:30 a.m. and 12 p.m. and 1 p.m. to 4:30 p.m.

We take cash and debit card for payments at the counter.

Please respect the Government of NB guidelines and keep a distance of 2 metres from other customers. Signs are installed on the floor to help you.

Please read the instructions when entering the building and wash your hands.

If you have any of the symptoms of COVID-19, you are asked NOT to enter our building.

Paiement en ligne / Online payment

Paiement vos eaux et égouts en ligne :

Payment water & sewage online:



Liens à visiter Covid-19/Link to visit for Covid-19


Chers citoyens et citoyennes


La période que nous vivons n’est certainement pas facile. Par contre, nous pouvons rendre les choses un peu mieux simplement en suivant les directives des autorités. Rester à la maison à moins d’avoir vraiment besoin de sortir. Gardez contact avec vos proches par les réseaux sociaux ou le téléphone, ce n’est pas le temps de visite familiale. Les marches à l’extérieur sont permises tout en respectant les distances entre les personnes.

La municipalité suit les consignes. Le bureau est fermé au public et pour les employés. Il n’y a qu’une employée à la fois pour effectuer les transactions nécessaires. Nos employés d’extérieur s’occupent de la qualité de l’eau et de la sécurité de nos routes.


Pour toute questions ou commentaires, vous pouvez nos contacter au 826-6080 ou par courriel au


La province a mis en place un numéro 1-800-462-8387 pour les questions suivantes :


1-Quelqu’un ne suit pas les directives d’isolement suite à un voyage ou suite à des recommandations de son médecin

2-Toutes questions reliées aux entreprises

3-Santé et sécurité au travail

4- Organisation des mesures d’urgence

Soyons patient et faisons notre part!


De la part du conseil municipal


Denis Savoie




Dear Citizens


As we are all aware, we are going through a difficult period in time. However, we can all make this time easier by following the rules the authorities have put in place. Please stay home unless it is necessary to go out.  Keep in touch with family, friends and others by way of social media or by telephone.  This is not a time to visit family and friends.  Outdoor walking is permitted as long as you keep the respected distances.


The municipality is respecting the rules and recommendations that have been put in place.  The office is closed to the pubic, most employees are working from home and are at the office when required on a rotation basis.  The maintenance employee and superintendent are taking care of our water and sewerage systems as regular and doing the work on the roads and infrastructure as required.


For all questions or comments, you can contact us as or 826-6080. We will also provide information on our web and Facebook pages as it becomes available.


You can also contact the province at 1-800-462-8387 for the following:

You can also contact the province at 1-800-462-8387 for the following:


1.Those that do not respect the isolation for 14 days when returning from a trip or recommendations from your doctor.

2.All questions relating to a business

3.Related to work and public health

4.Emergency Measures Organization

Please be patient and let’s do all our part to stay safe!


On behalf of Council


Denis Savoie


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