A Community Between River & Nature

Experience the beautiful community
of Eel River Dundee

Meet Our Residents

“It’s very beautiful and relaxed. We feel at home. Many wonderful people! ”

Denise Savoie

“I really appreciate the services offered with the community and the administration. We are fortunate with such natural beauty.”

Gilles Audet

“As municipal director of the municipality for over 23 years, I can say that I am very proud of our new community, our volunteers, residents and residing in such a beautiful rural area.”

Kim BujoldGeneral manager, Eel River/Dundee

“It’s been 40 years and I love my village, we have a beautiful park for children and people are friendly.”

Linda Babin

“A welcoming village where we feel at home!”

Jessica Savoie

“I’m grateful for the activities offered by this community such as the rink, NB walking trail, playground and the new amazing water park where I spend most of my summer.”

Crystal Moran Allain

“My village may be small, but it’s a place where you can escape the stress of everyday life. Our residents are friendly and very helpful to one another!”

Peggy Savoie Leclair